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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Facial Cosmetic Design. I am Bobby or BJ, the founder of Facial Cosmetic Design website. Having fight skin cancer and facial damage from pollutants and sun for 35 years, I have found many reasons to learn and develop ways to help prevent and heal from this damage. It is my hope that you will learn from this information and set a plan to combat your own facial issues that arise.

I want to introduce you to my story and what I have learned.

I have fought skin damage for years

Growing up in a military family we were always stationed near a beach or body of water (Dad was 22 year’s Navy). As a larger family of kids my mom was adiment about us being outside in the sun. Back then there was no worry about the air or sun damaging our young bodies. Sports was a constant of baseball, soccer or football for my siblings and I. Because of this as I got older my skin decided to turn against me. Having had many spots removed that were cancer cells, I know now that I should have been more aware of my face and it’s needs.

Growing up playing sports constantly we never feared about skin issues. Our muscles and bones were what we damaged or hurt more than anything. But one thing I do remeber was how my Grandparents looked year after year as they grew older. You could see the damage from being sunburnt in the summer and wind burnt in the winter. It amazed me how no one ever thought about protecting our faces during this time.

As I grow older it has been my mission to learn what products can stop the damage and restore my skin to a normal healthy glow. As I worked in the sports and the medical industry, I always studied and learned what products work best for each person’s issues and needs. The professionals I have seen and met were always happy to share knowledge as I am.

My Mission is to Stop Facial Skin Damage.. And Help others

My dream is to help others stop the facial damaging our environment inflicts on us and maybe slow the aging process as well.

As a peson who has coached many people for 35 years, it is my goal to coach others in getting facial cosmetic help to restore, replenish and slow the process of aging so as to look as healthy and young as possible. This might sound impossible to some but after studying and learning methods that have been tested and used by many, it is possible to achieve a healthy facial glow and slow mother nature down.

Also, as a memeber of the largest affiliate marketing platform in the world (over 2.7 million members), Wealthy Affiliate.com, I teach success online and help others acheive this for themselves. We help teach people how to build blogs just like this one, where you can take any passion and build a successful business doing so. If you want to connect with me about this then do so here ( it is free to join, no obligations).

My Goal is to Help You Develop Your Plan for Facial Growth

My goal is to help you learn what cosmetics and products are available to help prevent further damage and restore existing damage to each person’s face. From what I have learned and developed in knowledge from indutry professional, I will try to guide you in what procedures and produstcs are best to help you achive your goal of facial delight and beauty. Looking your best makes you feel your best.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. There is no question or comment that cannot be answered by me or a professional I may know. Having healthy facial skin is hard but one that many forget to care for.

Thank you for taking time to visit my page. Hope you enjoy your visit and have found it rewarding with knowledge.

All the best,

Bobby Keaton


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